The Manifesto – No Limits Life Empowerment Institute

My community is all about courage. My community wants the courage to step out of the expected into the authentic. My community doesn’t want to be stressed out, working jobs they hate in relationships that stifle them.

They want to thrive.

But they are afraid.

“What will people think? What will people say? What happens if I change? My life isn’t what I want, but what if it gets worse when I change? Who am I to ask for more?” They exclaim.

“Oh, but what if it gets better!? Can I handle better? Do I deserve better? ” They whisper.

My community is simultaneously their best asset and ally and worst obstacle and enemy.

My community has ideas they want to follow, but aren’t sure how. They want to have more ideas and impact the world in a positive, big way. My community doesn’t want to live small. They want to live big, without limits and without constriction on the good they can do. They are fierce, independent beings who have too long not allowed their true nature to shine.

My community wants to be their own boss, they want to express their creative and spiritual gifts and talents and callings in a way that creates a purpose-based profitable lifestyle for themselves. They want to move past the old idea that being a creative or a spiritual professional can’t pay the bills and create the lifestyle they want while simultaneously serving others and sharing messages in a big way.

My community has settled for too long in the lives constructed on false definitions of success and is ready to make some changes allowing them to be more, do more, and live more fully. They are going to walk through things that scare them, they will stumble and fall over these things but they will get back up and keep moving.

My community seeks courage within to do what fear says is too hard. They seek to do what their programming declares impossible. They crave the energy of creativity and spirituality as a way of life and not just something they do. My community is afraid and doing it anyway. They are ready to face the fears and heal them, to face the old programming and reprogram it. They seek personal development and growth and are open to new thoughts, patterns, and perspectives.

My community wants to LEAD, to lead in their lives, their work, and their passions.  They are ready to take organizations to the next levels, create and sustain movements and generate transformation on a global scale.

They want to be in love with their life – every single minute of it – and they take action to make love grow.

Are you with us?

Live Dangerously, Be You



Jennifer Murphy is a life coach, teacher, and speaker in Cedar Rapids Iowa who recently completed a Doctorate in Executive Leadership. She enjoys exploring the world through the stories we construct, being a mom to her teenage son, and building a pack with her dogs and her boyfriend Darrell’s as they navigate a long-distance relationship.

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