Not That Kind of Karen

Not That Kind of Karen

Waaaaaaay back in early 2022, my friend Karen Schumacher, President of Crescendo Leadership Development agreed to come to help me practice podcasting. And it turned into my first episode of The Dangerous Leader Podcast!

I wanted to title it, "Not that Kind of Karen", we went with "Embracing Emotion". There are so many things I adore about Karen, but the thing that comes to the top of my mind is her courage. Karen showed me that you can be strong and vulnerable. I know I have seen this in other women, but Karen made me understand it and feel okay about where I was in my journey in relation to emotions.

In the first episode of The Dangerous Leader, Karen uses stories to illustrate the points she emphasizes. And I love that. I believe that we learn through stories and shared experiences that are presented in a way that allows us to evaluate what we need to learn from them. I am of the variety that I have a hard time with people "telling me". Instead, I like to experience whatever I am there to learn - consciously or unconsciously. Karen does a great job demonstrating that technique in our conversation.

Dangerous leaders are not afraid to be who they are. And story after story in this podcast reveals that Karen is definitely a Dangerous Leader.

This episode walks through:

1. How we judge emotions in the workplace.

2. The power of emotions in human connection.

3. The role of courage in emotions.

4. the emotional journey of writing a book...


Yes, I saved the best for last! Karen published a book a few months after we recorded this episode and I was honored to be able to write an endorsement for her in the book!

The link to purchase is in the button below. (I get nothing from your purchase - this is not an affiliate link).

So grab the book, read up and then head out and leave Karen a review. Support first-time authors!

And if you need a pretty badass leadership trainer, coach, or speaker...reach out to Karen via her website below!

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