Launching The Dangerous Leader

Birth of a Voice

I don't remember which grade I was in, but I remember I was supposed to memorize a poem and read it in front of a panel of judges. That is the extent of the memory. I have no idea if I actually delivered the poem, if I did well or not, nothing. But every time I put my voice out there, I think of that experience. Repressed trauma - shoot, your guess is as good as mine right now. I suspect if I need to remember the details, they will reveal.

I have an odd faith in the universe about those kinds of things.

What I do remember is feeling nervous.

The nerves I feel today about getting my voice out there is less about fear of failure for failure's sake and more about failing to have an impact. I want to help people see the art of being themselves, knowing themselves and living as themselves as not only a possibility, but the way to thrive. My passion sits in pulling stories from people and shaping them in a way that others can learn from them. I believe our greatest experiences come from our collective lessons.

This concept was why I went into coaching and why I continue to pursue research and knowledge through stories.

The Podcast

In the fall of 2021, I had an idea. I wanted to start a podcast. It didn't just suddenly spark, it had been smoldering for a while. And the fuel for the fire was listening to a presentation about a community focused podcast network launching in my area. the concept was exactly up my alley. I would be able to focus on creation, while the production team did the work I don't particularly enjoy - all of the production, behind the scenes stuff. Seemed like the perfect approach for me.

We began recording in December of 2021 and launched in October 2022. There were numerous reasons it took so long. Chief among them, finding the right times in multiple busy schedules. I decided early on not to rush the process. I wanted to create a podcast that represented the story gathering and meaning making vibe I wanted to offer to the audience. And I got to the point I felt confident releasing the first episodes.

Season 1 of the Dangerous Leader Podcast is being released now with episodes that range from emotional range to intentionality to vulnerability to beating childhood cancer. Each of these episodes has a thread of someone being exactly who they are and how they came to be that person. These stories are designed to teach us a little about leadership in our professions and more about being the leader in our lives.

Season one is scheduled to conclude in December and we will pick back up with season 2 in the late winter/early spring.

I invite you to follow The Dangerous Leader Podcast by finding your favorite podcast episodes at the link below, or listening online!


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