Personal and Executive Leadership Coaching

Individual work using The Art of Living Dangerously Model as a guide to clarifying, healing, and creating the life and leadership you know is possible. There is strength in the accountability, objectivity, and compassion of coaching.


You don't have to settle

That sense there is more out there for you is real.  I spent too long feeling like there was more to the life I was living and once I acted on that intuition, everything changed.

Coaching Supports Growth

Perspective, accountability, objectivity; these are all benefits to coaching.  Often we want to change or optimize, but the action gets lost in the daily routine.  We are more than routine to retirement.  We are here to live in the now and create. What can you grow to create?

Dr. Jennifer Murphy, Certified Personal and Executive Caoch

Ready to Start Your Growth?

It can feel scary, but it is worth it. I am here to help you see the potential that is you and to support the actions you want to take to realize that potential. Let's talk.

Next Steps...

Claim your Inquiry Session now. 15 minutes of reviewing your current needs and actions you can take to determine if working with The Dangerous Leader Group is the right next step for you.