In 2022, I decided to close the previous version of my business and launch a new one.

As I consider all that I have learned since lunching that business in 2010 it gets easy to get distracted by the lessons learned. But there is one thing I know to be true - doing some discovery to shape the next steps of my journey is critical.

Customer Discovery is an entrepreneurial technique I use to determine what people need and then match it with what I can create. I use it to test my ideas, discover new ways of thinking about my ideas, and get to the heart of how I can best serve.

Anymore it feels like you can't scroll a social media or walk down the street without running into a coach with a great program to solve all of your life's questions. And some of them even work. I don't want to solve all of life's problems for everyone. I want to support whatever transition you are instigating or experiencing so that you come out of it feeling like you are making the choices that create the life you want.

If you are curious about this and want to answer a few questions about your experiences in discovering the life you crave after you have built the life you think you want...let's connect.

These 30 minute sessions are open through Labor Day 2022. Let's talk!