Dr. Jennifer Murphy, Certified Personal and Executive Caoch


The Dangerous Leader Group is ruthlessly focused on supporting the transitions between phases of life. The Dangerous Leader approach supports your growth so that you can defy the expectations that hold you back. Learn to lead from a never settle mindset and thrive.

My Story

I became an executive coach because I enjoy helping people create awesome lives. In 2012 I knew what I wanted to do after years of soul searching and took the leap into serving others as a full-time life coach.  Personal coaching was the entry point and slowly I engaged my business and leadership background to work with small businesses and then corporate clients as a consultant and trainer. Today I enjoy the balance of work with individuals seeking a life they love and businesses seeking to continuously improve their social capital.

Meet Jennifer

I am an adventurer and love a challenge! And I want to know you if you are ready to love your life.

Walker Fellow at University of Charleston


I'm qualified: Doctor of Executive Leadership, Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Certified Diversity Professional, Certified Scrum Master, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Ordained Minister. I love to learn and am passionate about sharing that learning.


Soccer Mom

I am a parent: My son plays competitive soccer, football, e-sports, and baseball. We sports a lot. It's awesome. My son is the most important person in my life and I am so glad he chose me to do this life thing with. He teaches me to be a better human every day.

Home Brewed Kombucha!

Healthy Living

I'm a Healthy Living Advocate: eat right and drink water. I believe local, organic, sustainable food sources are keys to health. I love Kombucha and eat ruthlessly organically; unless you are a donut, then it's game on!



I spent almost 7 years on active duty in the US Army as an Ordnance Officer and almost 3 in the reserves and national guard. I am a post 9/11 veteran of two deployments with stories to tell about what I learned about leadership and service to a bigger mission.

I published a book: it is called The Art of Living Dangerously, The rebels guide to thriving in a world that expects you to conform. Find it on Amazon. Buy it, love it, leave a nice review. Book 2 in the works.



No is a four letter word when it comes to trying new things. Bring me your challenge, I will tackle it. Tell me I can't and I will show how I can. I love to explore new thoughts, new places, and new experiences. I invented 30 days of Living Dangerously to help guide you to this mindset too!

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